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Torah / Haftarah Reading and Hebrew Prayers

Hebrew is the language and life-blood of the Jewish people. It contains our philosophy, our history, and our values. Because of the nuances of Hebrew, the deeper meaning of the words can be lost in translation, so we safeguard our heritage by learning Hebrew and using it in prayer. Students will be expected to read their Torah and Haftarah portions fluently. This will take time and practice.

PARENTS: Help your child be prepared for his/her Bar/Bat mitzvah. Each child will receive a CD disk from Cantor Avery, which contains all the prayers that will be chanted on Shabbat. Students have been exposed to these prayers in Religious School and will have further instruction by the Cantor and a tutor in the months before bar/bat mitzvah. The following is a list of prayers your child will study. Please help your child reviewing the prayers on the CD disk together. 

(page numbers are for the Mishkan T'Filah published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis and edited by Elyse D. Frishman)

1. Blessing before the Torah reading p.250
2. Blessing after the Torah reading p.250
3. Blessing before the Haftarah reading p.254
4. Blessing after the Haftarah reading p.254
5. Shabbat Evening Kiddush p.5
6. Sh'ma p.200
7. V’ahavta p.201
8. Avot v'Imahot p.206
9. Gevurot p.207