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Description of Temple Israel's Voluntary Contributions and Funds

There is no charge for the services of Rabbi, Cantor, or organist at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Voluntary contributions may be made in honor of the young people to any of our Temple funds. You will find a description of each fund on the following pages.

The custom of “making offerings” – giving tzedakah – as an expression of gratitude to God for all our blessings traces back to Biblical times. Many questions concerning offerings are received by the Temple staff, particularly from new members. What is an offering? When are offerings made? What is the correct amount to donate?

An offering can be defined as an act of prayer in which the participant extends himself/herself beyond the act of uttering words. It exceeds mere vocal expression and indicates that an act of personal sacrifice has been performed by the donor. The amount of an offering is less important than the deed. A small offering made by a person of limited income is as noble in nature as a larger one given by a person of wealth.

Tzedakah Opportunities at Temple Israel

Tzedakah is a basic Jewish act, and making donations to various Temple funds is an appropriate way to say thank you, to honor a friend on a special occasion, to memorialize a loved one, or just to express gratitude for health, love and friendship.

The following is a list of funds through which you may perform a mitzvah and enrich the life of our congregation. When you send a contribution to a specific fund, please be sure to indicate the fund to which your donation is to apply.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund – For use at the Rabbi’s discretion for emergency help for individuals, for special projects in the Temple, and for special causes in the community and in the wider world.

Cantor's Discretionary Fund – For use at the Cantor’s discretion for special projects in the Temple and for special causes in the community and in the wider world.

Adult Education Fund – To sponsor teachers and speakers and special events that will enrich Jewish education at the Temple.

Center for Jewish Education Enhancement Fund – To enrich the Religious School program by providing special programs and materials beyond what the budget can provide.

Rabbi Helene Ferris Scholarship – Created with funds from Rabbi Ferris’s retirement party. Scholarships are available to help families with religious school education expenses.

Nathan Chapman Religious School Special Program Fund – Established in memory of Nathan Chapman, a student in our Religious School and son of Kim Nathanson, our former Education Director, to provide special programming at the Religious School.

Rebecca Rosenblatt Leadership Fund – Established in memory of a member of one of our founding families. This fund sends young people of our congregation to conclaves to enable them to expand their studies and experiences in Judaism with young people of other temples.

Nursery School Fund – provides funding for our early childhood program and Kindergarten Enrichment Program.

Youth Group Fund – provides funding for our Junior and Senior Youth Groups.

MARS (Michael A. Robinson Scholar-in-Residence) – Named in honor of Rabbi Michael A. Robinson, this is an endowment fund to provide an annual Scholar-in-Residence Weekend at our Temple.

David and Marvin Gimprich Scholarship Fund – This fund was established by the family of David Gimprich to make it possible for youngsters from our congregation to visit, work, or study in Israel. Scholarships are awarded once a year, in the spring.

Burdick Library – Established in memory of members of our congregation, Lou and Sidney Burdick, the fund purchases books for the Burdick Library at Temple Israel. For every gift of $10 or more, there will be a suitably inscribed bookplate.

General Fund – This fund is used wherever needed in the work of our Temple. Money can be designated for a special gift for the Temple. Ideas for such gifts should be discussed with the Rabbi and/or Temple President. The Executive Committee acts as the Gift Acceptance Committee.

Joel Robinson Social Justice Fund – named in honor of Joel Robinson, son of Rabbi Michael and Ruth Robinson, this fund provides seed money to raise our consciousness on issues where Judaism needs to be put into action, building 

Caring Community Fund – This fund helps the Mitzvah Corps provide what is most needed by individuals during times of crisis.

Building Fund

Prayer Books Fund – This fund is used to purchase MIshkan Tefilia or Mishkan Hanefest, the new High Holy Day Prayer Book

Music Enrichment Fund – This fund provides special music programs to the Temple, enriching our worship services, commemorating special occasions, and increasing our understanding and enjoyment of Jewish music.

Memorials and Honorariums

Tree of Life – A leaf on the Tree of Life in our entrance hall is an appropriate way to honor a special life event; e.g., your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah or someone special in your life. Call the Temple Office for details.

Endowment Fund – A contribution to our Endowment Fund is an appropriate memorial to a loved one.

Sanctuary Seat Plaque – A sanctuary seat plaque may be dedicated as a memorial to a loved one.

Memorial Plaque – A plaque on our memorial tablet may be dedicated in memory of a loved one.

Please call the Temple Office to discuss these and other appropriate ways of memorializing a loved one.