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Sanctuary Decorum

The sanctuary is a special place, set aside in time and space from the rest of the world. It is a place where we take the time to separate ourselves from our everyday concerns and seek that which is holy. It is considered respectful to refrain from entering or exiting the sanctuary while the congregation is standing. During the procession of the Torah, it is respectful to face it at all times. Please show your respect by participating in the service and refraining from extraneous talking. Kipot (head coverings) and tallitot (prayer shawls) are available in the lobby for use by congregants. It is not proper to chew gum, eat, or drink in the Sanctuary. All electronic devices, including toys/games, should be turned off. They can interfere with our sound system and they tend to distract those around you. Please do not applaud during the worship service. Use of cameras, including smartphones, is not permitted in the Sanctuary during services.