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Videos for Chag Ha'atzmaut


Chag Ha'atzmaut - "What are we celebrating?" Part one of Makom's short film about Chag Ha'atzmaut. Here R. Yitz Greenberg gives us a taste of his insights into the 'New Exodus' and the Ethics of Power.


Chag Ha'atzmaut part II - What are we celebrating?" Part two of Makom's short film about Chag Ha'atzmaut. Here, do Israelis in the street know that Jews in North America celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut?


Chag Ha'atzmaut part III - "What are we celebrating?" Final part of Makom film about Chag Ha'atzmaut. Edited interview with Avram Infeld. "From I to we..."


Israel's 60th Anniversary: A Dream Restored


[email protected] - UJC's fun video for Israel's 60th aniverssary.


Documentary Film Israel 60


Abba Eban is interviewed by Mike Wallace on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the modern State of Israel


[email protected] - Who are we celebrating?