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Israel Advocacy

Israel needs the strong and on-going support of the United States. It is important for each of us to regularly be in touch with our elected officials to ask for continued support. Click here for contact information for important officials. Letters to these officials mean something; the absence of letters to them means something else. We should all be encouraged to write.



The Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Brief Guide for the Perplexed 

David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee revised and updated his essay making the case for Israel. in light of the renewed focus on Israel against the backdrop of the Gaza disengagement.

On One Foot, A Middle-East guide for the perplexed, or, How to respond on your way to class, when your best friend joins an anti-Israel protest.

Myths & Facts Online A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Online version of this essential reference work on Israel and the Middle East.
Update: See the section on Israel and Lebanon for insights into the current conflict. A good example is the background on Shebaa Farms.


LearnIsrael, promoting academic balance.

StandWithUs advocates for a secure future for Israel.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has published 2010 Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies. "The Future of Israel is dependent on people like you. Please download this brochure and read the answers to these top ten anti-Israel lies. The brochure also provides important contact information to share your views with important world leaders and key media."