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The Religious Living section of our web site is designed to enhance your Jewish life by providingReligious Life you with resources for observing Shabbat, insights and information about Jewish holidays and observances, as well as other areas of Jewish interest.

Enhancing an individual, a couple's or a family's religious experience often represents a major reason for joining a synagogue. Providing inspiration and factual information about Jewish observances and holiday practices and suggesting innovative ways to live a satisfying Jewish lifestyle within the synagogue and at home, are the cornerstones of the Ritual Committee's goals at Temple Israel. Striving to provide religious guidance to our members, the Ritual Committee meets regularly to design programs, update liturgy and shape Shabbat and holiday service traditions which will bring renewed and strengthened meaning to our members' spiritual lives.

Religious LifeThe Ritual Committee is comprised of member volunteers and the clergy and always welcomes participation from all of the temple family members in order to sustain and rejuvenate personal spirituality. For more information and to join the committee, contact the Temple office at (914) 271-4705.