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Caring Committee

            Cherie Marcus has recently become the co-chairperson for the Caring Committee as Sandy Goldstein has succeeded Diane as the new bookkeeper. Some of the initiatives that the Caring Committee has continued to engage in are providing meals for those who are ill, providing the first meal for Shiva if the congregant expresses an interest in us doing so, Baskets of Bliss, which is welcoming new babies into the community with a Jewish-themed baby basket. We are looking to start a visiting program where we visit congregants who are ill, or homebound. Also, we are working with the sixth grade on sending get well cards to people who are ill. Cherie has provided found a website based program that will organize meal deliveries when they are needed.  It’s called “Take Them a Meal”.  If you are interested in providing this mitzvah for people in our community who are unable to cook for themselves, contact Cherie at [email protected].        

            Finally, I would like to thank those who have donated to the Caring Committee fund. I usually try to reach people by email or phone to do this, but sometimes I might not do so. It is your generosity which helps the committee serve the Temple Israel community.


Iris Levine- Chairperson- Temple Israel Caring Committee