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Israel Column

Israel Is the World’s New Dining Hotspot

Tourism surged to a record last year and is rising even faster in 2018, the nation’s 70th anniversary. Here’s where to eat, with tips from global star chef Yotam Ottolenghi and local hero Eyal Shani.

Israel's First 70 Years Have Surprised the World

As the modern Israeli state celebrates 70 years, the prevailing sentiment is one of extraordinary accomplishment.

At 70, Israel's population nears 9m

The Jewish population is 6.59 million (74.5% of the total). 3.2 million people have immigrated to Israel since the state was founded. In 1948, average life expectancy in Israel was 64 for men and 67 for women. Today, the figures are 80.7 for men and 84.2 for women. Read the full story on Globes.

IMF forecasts 3.3% economic growth in Israel in 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that Israel's economy will grow 3.3% in 2018 and 3.5% in 2019. The IMF predicts inflation will rise from 0.2% in 2017 to 0.7% in 2018 and 1.3% in 2019. The IMF believes that unemployment will remain stable at 4.2% over the next two years, while the balance of payments will continue to be positive, with surpluses of 2.6% of GDP in 2018 and 2.7% in 2019.

The Israeli park with a valuable secret

Many people visit Israel’s Timna National Park to admire its rock formations, but the full story of this place can only be experienced by heading underground.

Another attack tunnel from Gaza destroyed, Israel lifts veil on detection lab

After destroying the longest, deepest tunnel dug by the terror group Hamas under the border into Israel, the army showcases its new tech 'laboratory' that is systematically neutralizing the subterranean threat.

How Big Funders Have Transformed American Jewish Philanthropy

Gary Rosenblatt, Editor & Publisher of The NY Jewish Week newspaper, reports on a new study about changes in charitable giving that have wide ranging implications for the American Jewish community. The study shows that while collective giving is on the decline, “about 250 Jewish foundations backed by Jewish mega-funders are donating vast sums — at least half million dollars a year each — to drive new initiatives primarily aimed at engaging millennials rather than providing ongoing support for mainstay social services.” You can read the report in The Jewish Week, as well as the complete study.

  ~Andrew Blumberg