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Israel Column

Wake-Up Call for Israel

Termed a Wake-Up Call for Israel in a Jewish Week editorial, a new study reports on a steep decline in support for Israel. The reporting on the results of this study and proposed responses is lengthy. The following are just a few excerpts:

Perhaps most disturbing, it is the Jewish college students who “exhibit the sharpest decline in most measurements of any demographic group,” with support for Israel down 32 percent since 2010, favorability down 14 percent, and caring about Israel down 13 percent. In addition, the percentage of Jewish college students “leaning toward the Palestinian side” jumped from 2 percent in 2010 to 13 percent last year.

One recommendation from the study is to bring Israel awareness to young Jews “even before they reach college.” The Jewish Week is proud to have pioneered in this field, launching Write On For Israel, a unique educational program in Modern Zionism for high school juniors and seniors, in 2002. Last week graduation ceremonies were held at Park Avenue Synagogue for the 43 students who completed the two-year program, which now has more than 500 alumni. (Note: Students from Temple Israel of Northern Westchester are Write On For Israel alumni. Enrollment information is available here.)

The changes taking place on the campuses are unprecedented,” Oppenheim observed. She said that in addition to BDS protests in the last few years, the Jewish community has seen the launch of the Black Lives Matter movement and a new emphasis among minorities on intersectionality, which asserts that forms of racism, oppression and discrimination are linked. According to this viewpoint, those who support Israel are perceived as oppressing Palestinians and therefore cannot be aligned with feminism, social justice or other progressive causes, all previously natural allies of Jewish students on college campuses.

Read the complete editorial and article from the Jewish Week for more details:


Biblical-era text made visible

Never-before-seen Hebrew inscriptions on a First Temple-era shard, written on the eve of the Kingdom of Judah’s destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, have been revealed thanks to a new multispectral imaging technique. The discovery raises the possibility that other “blank” shards from the period may also contain undiscovered texts, and there are now plans for a wider reexamination of all shards from that time period.


Intel seeks Israeli tech to foil hackers

Intel Corp. is teaming up with two Israeli cybersecurity firms and expanding its cybersecurity operations in Israel to locate cutting edge technologies that will help the firm and its customers fend off increasingly daring cyber attacks.


Israel treating thousands of Syrians injured in war

Israel has treated 3,000 patients — a number that it expects to quickly grow. 'Israel is not the enemy. Bashar is the enemy,' said one patient.


Why Israel is saving Syrian rebels

“All the world is killing us, all the world,” he said. “All my life I was told Israel is my enemy. I grew up like that, to believe that Israel is the devil. But all the world is against us, and only Israel is our friend. The world is killing us. Israel is saving us.”


Palestinian man donates recovery room to Haifa hospital

Approximately 1,200 Palestinian children and adults from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza visit the hospital every year for cancer treatment.


~Andrew Blumberg