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Israel Column


Registration for Summer Birthright Israel trips is open

Are You Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime? It's so much more than a free trip to Israel. There are numerous experiences to choose from. Visit https://www.birthrightisrael.com/ for information and to apply. Popular examples include experiences organized by Hillel and JNF.


Longer-term adventures in Israel

Masa Israel Journey partners with many program organizers that offer a range of internship, volunteer, and study experiences in Israel. Take advantage of their Program Matchmaker to find the opportunity that matches your needs and interests.


Scholarships for Travel to Israel

The David A. Gimprich Fund for Israel Scholarship was established at Temple Israel of Northern Westchester several years ago through the generosity of the Gimprich family, congregants in our temple family. Many of our youth have benefited over the years from scholarship funds to visit Israel.

Funds are available to students in the Religious School or members of the Temple Israel Youth Groups to "study, at camp or at school, or travel, alone or as part of a group, in the State of Israel." Click here for more information.


Modern Holidays

Three modern holidays occur in April, beginning at sundown on the evening before the dates specified:


Jerusalem and the Jewish People: Unity and Division

Jews everywhere feel that their views should be taken into consideration in the shaping of the cultural and political future of Jerusalem, the eternal capital at the core of Jewish identity writ large. Jerusalem and the Jewish People: Unity and Division is a paper that captures sentiment from more than 500 people across the Jewish spectrum who participated in approximately 50 discussion seminars worldwide. The Structured Jewish World Dialogue is an annual systematic discourse on issues that are at the core of the collective interests of the Jewish People globally. The report provides findings, recommendations and a deep dive encompassing much of the cultural and political concerns to the Jewish People today. You can read the report with a convenient table of contents, or download the entire report, here.


$15 billion in sales of Israeli natural gas to Egypt

The partners in two of Israel’s largest offshore natural gas fields have signed $15 billion in deals to export natural gas to Egypt over 10 years. This follows earlier deals to supply gas to Jordan. Options for the supplying the gas to Egypt include via a Jordanian-Israeli pipeline that is currently being built or the use of the existing East Mediterranean Gas pipeline. Another option is to transport the gas to Egypt by connecting the Israeli transmission system to its Egyptian counterpart. Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi has described the deal as his country "scoring a goal" that promotes the vision of transforming Egypt into a regional energy hub, which he has been “dreaming about for the past four years.” At the same time, Hezbollah has issued new threats against Israel’s gas rigs and the US is attempting to mediate disputes between Israel and Lebanon over natural gas fields.


IDF reveals it thwarted attempted bombing of Australian flight

The revelation was an unusual move for the Israeli army, which generally keeps mum on secretive operations. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that “This is just one of the dozens of terrorist attacks that we have stopped around the world.” Israel’s prowess in intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism is a central selling point for Israel in its efforts to create and maintain relationships with foreign countries.


In other news

Austria backs Israel’s quest for Security Council seat

Intel plans $4-5 billion investment in Israel

Israeli scientists complete mock Mars mission in Negev desert

The Brewing Conflict along the Red Sea


  ~Andrew Blumberg