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Contact the Brotherhood at <[email protected]>
Co-Presidents:   Marc Schwartz, Jim Rice
Vice Presidents: Steve Krisky, Michael Metz, Bruce Appelbaum
        Treasurer: Bruce Appelbaum
        Secretary: Roy Marcus

Review the minutes from the March 11th Brotherhood meeting.

Summary of the Upcoming Brotherhood Calendar
Events are at TINW unless otherwise specified.

        Sunday      3/25/2018  Brotherhood Retreat 9am-3pm, $36. See details below.
        Tuesday's   4/3, 4/10. 4/17 Brotherhood Choir practice for Shabbat service.
        Wednesday 4/11/2018 Brotherhood Monthly Meeting 7:30pm
        Wednesday 4/11/2018 Erev Yom HaShoah, ends evening Thurs 4/12/2018
        Sunday       4/15/2018 Softball games begin - see below.
        Friday        4/20/2018  Brotherhood Shabbat Service honoring Israeli Independence
        Sunday      4/22/2018  Habitat for Humanity volunteering
        Thursday   4/26/2018  Lecture: “The Hidden Jews”, Bruce Appelbaum 7:30pm

Future events to be scheduled:
        Brotherhood Breakfast - Honoring "Women of Valor" - 4 awards will be given:
                                  (Roz Morrissey, Kathy Stewart, Paula Miritello, Ann Kennedy)
        Karaoke night in May - Music and singing etc.
        Sisterhood: Movie: “The Women's Balcony”,  Movie Flyer 
        R. Jaech's earlier lecture topic: “Ancient Israel Game of Thrones”

  • Yom HaShoah  יום השואה  Yellow Candle Program 
    Holocaust Memorial Day

    Evening of Wednesday April 11th through the Evening of Thursday April 12

It has been seventy-three years since Nazi concentration camps were liberated, and the Holocaust that claimed six million Jewish lives, along with five million others, came to an end. To ensure that our sisters and brothers did not die in vain and that the Holocaust never happens again, TINW Brotherhood will once again join Jews and others throughout North America to honor their memory, and to keep aware of the need for vigilance, by participating in the YOM HASHOAH YELLOW CANDLE PROGRAM. As in the past, we are asking that you help us underwrite the cost of this project. Any funds collected over and above our costs will be donated to THE HOLOCAUST AND HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION CENTER.

Use this PayPal button to donate on-line,
or use our Donation Form to leave a check with the Temple Office.

  • Next Brotherhood Meeting:  Wednesday 4/11, 7:30pm

  •  Brotherhood Passover Kosher Wine Sale 

    Wine Order Form & Wine Descriptions

    The Temple Brotherhood is once again coordinating its Kosher for Passover wine sale with Dodd’s in Millwood.  This year we are primarily featuring Galil Mountain Wines from Israel and some wines from France as part of our international selection.
    We are also offering an 8% discount for any purchase of a mixed case. 
    Fill out the Wine Order Form just above and email to Marc Schwartz or send him a note with your selections. 
    Please feel free to contact Marc Schwartz [email protected] or
    Bruce Masserman [email protected] for recommendations.

  • Brotherhood Retreat - March 25, 9am to 3pm

    The fee is $36 which includes lunch.
    Location is Young Judaea Sprout Westchester Day Camp (formerly Camp Discovery) on Route 129, 500 Yorktown Road.
    Join us for a full day of learning and introspection on the beautiful grounds of Sprout Westchester Day Camp.
    Spend the day with your fellow male congregants as we explore timely issues that affect the modern day Jewish male. 
    This year’s facilitator will be Rabbi Andrew Ergas, the Executive Director of Shames JCC on the Hudson.

    Together we will explore:
    1) What it means to “be a man” in the traditional Jewish text.
    2) Fathers and sons, their responsibilities to one another.
    3) Jewish history and Jewish memory: making the past our own.
    4) The history of the Israel-Diaspora and its lessons for today.
    5) Plus a host of other topics as we open and expand our minds together. 

    Reserve your place at the Retreat with a $36 payment.
    Use the yellow "Buy Now" button for Paypal or Credit Card payments.
    Or send your check for $36 payable to Brotherhood, TINW. 
    Please mark “Retreat” on the memo line.

    $36 Payment option available here -

TINW  Softball Team

Season games start on Sunday April 15.
Participation in the upcoming 2018 season is $100.00 per person, which includes umpire fees, game ball expenses, and field expenses.  Please see whsl.org for any questions about the league and bylaws, or follow-up with [email protected] for any further questions.

Use the yellow "Buy Now" button to pay your $100 membership


  • Brotherhood Evening Lecture Series

Norman Newman manages the scheduling for the Brotherhood lecture presentations. 
Presentations are Thursday evenings at TINW, at 7:30pm.
Presentations are free and open to everyone; so bring a colleague, friend, or ally.
Lectures resume in October. Here is the schedule for the Fall 2017 through the Spring 2018.
For the flyer with the full abstract descriptions Lecture Flyer

Thurs April 26th, 2018   “The Hidden Jews” by Bruce Appelbaum.

If you have suggestions or questions, please contact Norman at the Brotherhood email: <[email protected]>

  • Midnight Runs by Brotherhood -

Temple Israel typically does 2 to 3 Midnight Runs per year each on a Saturday night, from the late Fall through the early Spring. Our Midnight Runs bring clothing and provisions to the homeless in Manhattan at night. Learn more about Midnight Run What is Midnight Run written by Steve Samuels, and/or contacting Peter Goldich <[email protected]>.  Brotherhood organizes Midnight Runs to NYC on Saturday nights with students from TINW Center For Jewish Learning.  For more information about Midnight Runs and about the types of clothing we need to collect, read Sought After Items.  if you are interested in participating in a Run, whether you go on the Run or not, we need help at the Temple at 1pm on the day of the Run to sort clothing and make sandwiches. You'll enjoy the process. 

Sunday Breakfast Brunch Lecture Series

Brotherhood Sunday Breakfast Brunch Buffet    Brotherhood Sunday Breakfast Brunch Table Setting

If you haven’t been to one yet, you don’t know what bagel & Lox & eggs & salads & more, you are missing. Not only is the food great but our guest speakers bring a unique social perspective on a variety of topics...and cooking with the guys in the kitchen is a blast!

  •  Temple Israel Brotherhood builds Community!

Our events are open to all, but we need your help to make them happen. Please join us for our monthly meetings to be part of the planning process. We're a group of guys doing good things for the Temple and our community. 
See Calendar 2017-2018, for all of the wonderful Meetings and Events Brotherhood participates in during the course of the year! 
For the previous year's meetings and events, see Calendar 2015-2016.

Any questions please email the Brotherhood Co-Presidents Marc Schwartz or Jim Rice at <[email protected]>

The more active members we have, the more the Brotherhood can do for the Temple. Find out how great it is to participate and connect with members of your Temple Israel Brotherhood!!  We support the Temple and community at large in many ways. 

  • Ushering & Managing Parking  on High Holy Days

Without the Brotherhood, parking for the High Holy Days would be even more interesting than it already is! 
Click here for more information about Ushering Procedures.

  • Brotherhood Renewal Dues Options:

As always, Brotherhood dues are waived for first year Brotherhood membership.
Just email your name and phone number to <[email protected]> with the subject line "First Year Member".

June 1st is the new fiscal year, Brotherhood annual dues can now be paid using PayPal or a Credit Card “Buy Now” button and the $40 dues will be charged to your account.


Payments by check are still accepted.
Make checks payable for $40 to “Brotherhood Temple Israel” with your name, phone and email and drop in the mail.
For more information, please email <[email protected]>