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Zichronam Livracha...May their Memories be a Blessing

Harry Greeley, husband of Ellen Greeley
Frank Cartaina, husband of Marlene Cartaina
Alice Cashman, mother of Richard Cashman
Steven Mintzer, father of Peter Mintzer
Hil Cutler, son of Gordon Cutler, brother of Marla Bedrosian
Beth Shafran, mother of Robin Arnone, Abby Cofsky and Jessica Roppa
Paul Fried, husband of Cheryl Fried
Jack Chase, uncle of Andrea Wertheimer
Paul Weitz, father of Melissa Katz
Beverly Sternberg, mother of Faith Kasanofsky

"Because of Charity, Tzedakah, the world abides" - Rashi, the Biblical commentator

A longstanding tradition has been to make a contribution in honor of the memory of a family member or close friend so that their memory will long abide.

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Youth Group Activities Fund
(To provide support for youth group activities)

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Our congregation, which has long served as a center of Jewish faith, learning and spirituality in Northern Westchester, offers the use of its facilities for funerals to past and present members of the congregation as well as those who are unaffiliated with the synagogue that wish to provide their loved ones with a service in a religious setting. Please click here for more details.